FREE Online Bible Study: A Great Cloud of Witnesses

FREE Online Bible Study: A Great Cloud of Witnesses

We are so excited to announce the A Great Cloud of Witnesses Online Bible Study!

Starting May 3rd, join us as we learn to run back to our Savior while working through A Great Cloud of Witnesses. For 6 weeks, we will dwell on Hebrews 11 and study the lives of flawed yet faithful servants who endured great suffering, obeyed the Lord, and in some instances, were even killed for their faith.

Join us as we fix our eyes on the One who sustains us and keeps us. I can’t wait to study the Bible with you!

You don’t want to miss it! Sign up here:


FREE Creative God, Colorful Us Leaders Guide and Discount through March

FREE Creative God, Colorful Us Leaders Guide and Discount through March

I am excited to share that Moody Publishers is offering an incredible discount for Creative God, Colorful Us for your church or ministry through the month of March!

But not only do you receive a deep discount on bulk orders, I’ve also provided a Creative God, Colorful Us Leaders Guide with your order to help you as you teach the next generation. You can learn more and download it here:

I hope that these resources are a blessing to you! Next week, I’ll be sharing unique ways you can utilize Creative God, Colorful Us in your ministry to students.

For the discount at Moody Publishers orders can be placed by calling Customer Service at (800)678-8812

To download your Leaders Guide head to:

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Creative God, Colorful Us Interview: Palmer Williams on Children and Disability

Creative God, Colorful Us Interview: Palmer Williams on Children and Disability

One of my desires in writing Creative God, Colorful Us is to help kids of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities learn about their Creator God and learn how to love Him and love one another. Over the past few weeks, I’ve received notes from parents expressing their gratefulness for including text and images that their child with a disability might relate to. Recently, one of the precious children in my Creative God, Colorful Us videos has been so impacted by it, she’s been speaking more and has a greater sense of confidence. Only God could do that!

But I want to keep learning and growing here. So, I’ve asked a friend to help us.

Palmer Williams is an international human rights lawyer, mom of three, and founder of a school called King’s Academy. She also has paraplegia.

I’m delighted that my friend, Palmer, is here for this interview to help us today.

(Note: this video is a little glitchy and I freeze at times but you should be able to listen along when it’s frozen)

Learn more and grab a copy of Creative God, Colorful Us

The Art of “Creative God, Colorful Us”

The Art of “Creative God, Colorful Us”

A children’s illustrated book is made beautiful by the illustrations! Kids come for the pictures stay for the words. I am grateful for Chase Willliamson and her work in Creative God, Colorful Us. Over the summer, Chase taught my daughter private art lessons. When it came time to find an illustrator, I knew I wanted to reach out to her. But she isn’t an illustrator! The Creative Director at Moody Publishers got creative and allowed me to ask her to paint the pictures inside Creative God, Colorful Us. I still don’t understand how he did it, but I am forever grateful because I knew that Chase would do an incredible job!

She did! It’s beautiful, and I’m so glad you get to meet her today.

Enjoy this interview with the young and talented Chase Williamson.

Have a look at some of the paintings and how they came to life:

Creative God, Colorful Us: Interviews with Kids

Creative God, Colorful Us: Interviews with Kids

Part of my desire to write Creative God, Colorful Us, was to help us teach the next generation. I feature chapters on the gospel, the image of God, sin and its effect on relationships, loving our neighbor, specifically those who do not look this us, and more. And how we can enjoy our beautiful, colorful, diverse family: the church. So that’s what you’ll find in Creative God, Colorful Us.

But there are times, like today, when the children teach us. In this video, listen to the simple yet profound answers these wonderful children give to questions related to the themes and teaching in Creative God, Colorful Us.

Enjoy this fantastic video:

Black History Month 2021 Week 1: History through Food and Entertainment

Black History Month 2021 Week 1: History through Food and Entertainment

As I mentioned last week, our family will be celebrating #BlackHistoryMonth through various experiences. This week’s theme was experiencing the history of food and entertainment.

Entertainment and History combined: 

Cicely Tyson, an incredibly talented and versatile actress, died on Jan 28. She was 96.  We decided this would be a good time to watch her film that earned her an Oscar nomination, “Sounder.”  I won’t tell you everything about the movie but set in 1933 Louisiana; it does highlight the injustice of the prison system, inequality in education, and the labor-intensive life of sharecroppers.

The movie is also filled with history and literature. Women read from W.E.B. Du Bois, and talked about Harriet Tubman and Crispus Attucks. And I loved the depiction of a strong Black marriage and family that loved each other deeply and longed to see everyone thrive. To see that was on the big screen in 1972, when the film was made, encourages me.


We ate at a Nashville favorite: Prince’s Hot Chicken. While there, I got to chat with the owner, Ms. Andre Prince Jeffries, the original owner Thorton Prince’s great-niece. It is a Black-owned business founded in 1945. The story goes that Thorton Prince believed her husband was cheating, so instead of confronting him, she wanted to feed him extra-spicy chicken. Thinking she was about to stick it to him, she fed it to him and surprise, he loved it! I don’t know what happened to the marriage, but I do know that she went on to make that chicken for the general public.

At home, we ate recipes out of Bibi’s Kitchen featuring recipes from African grandmothers. This week’s meals were by Ma Gehennet from Eritrea. One was a delicious beef stew called, Firfir. Delicious! And a stewed spinach dish called Zebhi Hamili. Thern and the kids loved these dishes!

Next week’s theme is music!