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I was a fitness professional for eight years before my writing became intensive. Over the past year, I’ve concentrated my writing for the wonderful organizations I work for, speaking, and sharing about United, and have finished my second book. But fitness remains an important aspect of my life, and I’m excited to share it with you.

Caring for our bodies can be a way to honor God. He created us not to lay waste to our bodies through abusing them, but so we might use them for His glory and His purposes. And though godliness is of supreme value, we know that physical training is of some value to the Lord. Paul helps us see the false dichotomy when he writes, “For while bodily training is of some value, godliness is of value in every way, as it holds promise for the present life and also for the life to come” (1 Timothy 4:8). But I don’t want to train just to train; I would like to train for others, too.

So, I want to train my body to the glory of God, and bring you along with me—all while raising awareness and funds for charity organizations and initiatives.

Swim, Bike, or Run for a cause.

Over the next year, I will swim, bike, and/or run to raise awareness and funds for HOPE International and the Psalm 139 Project. These organizations are special to me, and I can’t wait to share what they do with you. Throughout the year, I’ll write articles about the organizations, highlight key initiatives and programs, as well as share posts related to fitness, theology of fitness, and general fitness training. Because I will be training, I’ll update you with how I’m doing as well. I hope to post on these topics at least twice a month.

The first half of the season will be devoted to HOPE International. The fundraiser for HOPE will run from now until May 15, 2015 (the date of my first triathlon), with a goal of raising $3,500. After May 15, I’ll begin featuring the Psalm 139 Project until October 2015 (more information about the 139 fundraiser will begin in the spring). My goal is to end the fundraising year with an IronMan 70.5 triathlon in Augusta, Georgia (more about that coming too).

What is HOPE International?

Let me start by saying, I’ve always been a bit skeptical of organizations that work and give to impoverished countries. I simply lacked trust and faith that the money was going to the right people. After meeting and interacting with Peter Greer, President and CEO and, Chris Horst, VP of Development, I knew that not only what they were doing was legitimate, they were working with the utmost integrity.

So what do they do?

From their website, HOPE’s mission is to invest in the dreams of the poor as they proclaim and live the Gospel in the world’s underserved communities. They do this by: Sharing the hope of Christ as they provide biblically based training, savings services, and loans that restore dignity and break the cycle of poverty. The love of Jesus Christ motivates them to identify with those living in poverty and be His hands and feet as they strive to glorify God.

How it works:

In a few short weeks, I will share with you the dates of my races and ask you to consider partnering with me by pledging per mile or giving a flat dollar amount. You don’t have to wait for me to give! If you are intrigued and ready to give now, feel free to donate to HOPE now.

But I’d also love for you to join me in a race on your own!

You can Tri for Others, too!

If you’d like to join me, receive a few fitness tips (but not coaching), have a fun group of friends to cheer you on, and raise awareness for these organizations, please join me by:

1)      Sign up by joining my Tri for Others club (this is not an organization and you DO NOT have to do a triathlon). 

Sign up by joining the Tri for Other Facebook group, or if you do not have a Facebook account, or do not wish to be public, you may sign up through a newsletter.  Click here to sign up for the newsletter. (NOTE: If you sign up for your race with Team-Magic events, you can sign up under my team “Tri for Others” and receive 10% off your race fee! I will hand out the special code after the club is developed)

2) Commit to one race (or as many as you’d like, and it does not have to be a triathlon). Sign up for a road race of any kind (run or bike) or/and a tri/duoathlon, etc., anywhere in the United States or beyond. I’m doing a few triathlons, cycling events, and road races. Once I know who’s “in”, I’ll provide more info about what I’m doing, and I’ll also give you tools to help you get started. If you are in the Nashville or Knoxville area, you can join me at a few events. Otherwise, the Facebook page will be designed to cheer each of us on, in our races, wherever we are doing them.

3) Fundraise with little effort. The idea of fundraising can be daunting, and I don’t want you to feel any pressure. Even having a team will make this extremely special. I will be doing a series on fitness and highlighting these ministries on my website/blog. I’ll also have direct links to fundraising pages so people may give directly to the organizations. If you’d like, you could simply share the link with your friends so that they might give as the Tri for Others team raises money.

Now what?

Here are some quick and easy (and clickable) reminders:

  1. Interested in participating, join Tri for Others through Facebook and/or via the Newsletter.
  2. You do NOT have to do a triathlon. You can do a 5K, 10K, half Marathon, etc. All fitness levels are welcome.
  3. Much more information about the organizations is forthcoming, but feel free to click on these links to learn more about the organizations now: HOPE and Psalm 139

**Tri for Others is a club, not an organization, dedicated to bringing awareness to charity organizations. It is not a training facility or group. I will not be doing one-on-one coaching or training. I am happy to be a part of X3 Endurance, who does provide coaching, if that is what you desire. Please consult a physician before trying any physical activity.

Fitmarc Lonestar Event provides fitness and International flare

Fitmarc Lonestar Event provides fitness and International flare

Lights, camera, action. Those are words familiar with big screen movies, concerts and star studded red carpet events. But this weekend, Fitmarc put on a production to the likes of Hollywood and a rock concert for the fitness industry. Special effects, smoke machines, and big screens filled the room as over 1100 group fitness instructors, volunteers, staff, and fitness executives gathered for the Fitmarc Lonestar Event this weekend at the Arlington Convention Center in Arlington, Texas.

“I think these past two days; the anticipation leading up to it was felt by everyone. These two days have flown by and now we can sit back and say, ‘We did it.’ We pulled off one of the biggest Les Mills events in history here in Arlington in a very long time,” said Denisse Taylor, Marketing and Event Coordinator for Fitmarc.

Owner and CEO, Robert Dyer of Fort Worth founded Fitmarc in February of 2006. The company has since grown into a robust team of close to 50 fitness professionals and is the regional distributor for LES MILLS™ in the south central United States which includes Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

“Robert is an amazing boss to work for. I’ve never learned so much or grown so much as a person working for anyone else. The

Robert Dyer, CEO and Founder of Fitmarc

team is amazing. We have a very tight knit group with a ‘let’s get it done’ attitude and team effort mentality,” said Taylor

It’s that effort and attitude that allowed for over 700 barbells and 750 group fitness steps to be set up for classes such as BODYPUMP® and BODYSTEP®. Not to mention the couple hundred bikes provided by Star Trac(r). Staff and volunteers were “all hands on deck” at all times which made for a smooth and organized experience.

Les Mills® Programs are led by Program Directors located in New Zealand.  Fitmarc brought the entire Director team along with assistants in for the big event. Joining his New Zealand team was the CEO of Les Mills International, Phillip Mills. “It’s just always incredible to be here. Such a buzz to see their energy. Our presenters are just so wonderful and all these beautiful instructors. I’m sort of in awe of it,” said Mills.

Sal Pellegrino, Director of Business Development at Star Trac speaks with participants at the Lonestar event

Finding ways to motivate and ignite passion in fitness instructors around the world is something Mills and his staff are continually researching. Fimarcs’ Lonestar event went above and beyond their expectations. “This is what it takes to get people to exercise these days, to get the world moving. Robert Dyer is one of the coolest guys in the fitness industry. What can you say; look at this,” expressed Mills.

Participants at the event shared the same sentiment as Mills. Hear what they had to say by clicking HERE.

Fitmarc provides quarterly events for fitness professionals specifically certified in a Les Mills program for continuing education and credits throughout the year. For more information about Fitmarc or to find an event near you, visit their website at

Video by See-Hear click to learn more!

Participants Respond to the 2011 Fitmarc Lonestar Event

Participants Respond to the 2011 Fitmarc Lonestar Event

Nicolle Sanchez Borne, Kramer, Louisiana

“Fantastic. I couldn’t have asked for more. I have been looking forward to this since March- whenever the tickets came available. Incredible.”

Sarah Callihan, Pleasanton, Texas

“This was awesome. Just huge. It’s my first time coming to an event. You don’t have to take the classes the whole time. You just kind of sit back and take it all in. Definite must if you are an instructor.”

Eliza Riley; Charlotte, Texas

“Amazing! I like the fact that they had a live band at the after party. Just coming and getting to be with the presenters and instructors who inspire us the most is incredible. I like the education because it helps you become a better instructor with your own members. It makes you a better member too when you take classes.”

Teresa Rosiere-Martin; Tulsa, Oklahoma

“This is my second event to attend. I had just gotten certified in BODYFLOW® when I went to last year’s big quarterly. Last year’s

Teresa Rosiere-Martin is a stay at home mother of seven. She teaches BODYFLOW and BODYCOMBAT at The Grand and Gold’s in Tulsa

impact was huge because I really wasn’t aware of what I had gotten into. It was the atmosphere, the energy, just the whole experience was empowering. I walked away feeling very confident knowing what I needed to bring as an instructor. I believe it has delivered the same this year as well. This is a time for me to refuel. It’s important because you can get into a rut and routine. Bringing the presenters from New Zealand has brought this alive for us. Instead of just watching it on the videos, I’m here with them which makes it bigger.”

Erin Yost; Birmingham, Alabama

“This is my first mega quarterly and unlike anything I’ve ever been to. It was an experience. It’s like being at concert except you’re participating. We are piloting CX WORX at our club and it was great to be able o do it with the Program Director. We’ve had great results at home and it was good to see how they are delivering it and how we can deliver it at home.”

Joanie Moody; Birmingham, Alabama

“The group fitness programs are just amazing. It makes you do things you didn’t know you could do. I’m not the same person I was before doing this by no means. Fitmarc puts on the best one’s ever. I’ve been to all of them all over the U.S. Their presentation and everything is very organized and well done. I work in I.T. disaster recovery for a financial institution, this is my stress reliever.”

Kaitlyn Webb on the left and mother Robyn Webb on the right. The mother-dauther duo inspire each other through Les Mills BODYATTACK

Robyn Webb; Birmingham, Alabama

“I just love the event. The way Les Mills puts all their programs together- it pushes folks to the next level. It’s not just a group fitness class. This is my first super quarterly and I love it. I’ve always been to minis (smaller quarterly events). It’s just amazing how big it is.”

Kaitlyn Webb; Auburn, Alabama

“I just went through ATTACK a month ago. That was my mom’s first training and now it’s my favorite program. This was my first quarterly. It was like a rock concert. I called it an exercise rock concert. It was definitely a great first trip to Texas. Getting to see Lisa Osborne and get my picture taken with her. Who wouldn’t want to work out in an environment like that? They inspire you. Makes me want to be a trainer.”


Jonathan Hill, Alexandria, Louisiana

Participant Jonathan Hill with wife Kellie Hill enjoying the big event.

I just came with my wife. She is an instructor. I liked it. It was cool. I took ATTACK, COMBAT, CX WORX and SH’BAM. I really like BODYATTACK®. It works your whole body. Since my wife is an instructor, I know all the moves. Everything was awesome- it was good.

Chris Maddox; Fort Worth, Texas

“Every single event that Robert Dyer does I always walk away saying ‘Wow- that was the best one’ and this one is the same. From a production stand point the sound was incredible. It was organized and just awesome. It was amazing to be on stage. The size of the stage felt like a Justin Timberlake concert.  The Dyers make themselves available and the education was very helpful. From a scale of 1 to 10 it’s a 15.”

T.J. Torres; Fort Worth, Texas

“The event is great. Stage, music, lighting, is amazing. The whole energy, interacting with other instructors- it’s all just pretty amazing. We have quite a bit of our members here, about 10-15 for both days. It’s great to get to be with them here. It’s great for them to see who we learn from. It’s like a domino effect.”

Angel Fuerte; Grand Praire, Texas

“I went last year as a member and this is my first time as an instructor. I got certified three days ago. I got chills on the first day. I get it now- I see what my instructors have been through. I’m blown away just to be with so many who have the same passion and energy and get to bring it back to my members. Bring the same energy- just amazing.”

Jonathan Steele; College Station, Texas

“Awesome and amazing. It was very inspiring because the people you see on the DVD’s were here- it makes it real. It is a job but for them to take time to come out and spend time with us- almost words can’t describe it. The atmosphere was electric.”

Jennifer Jones; Houston, Texas

“It was my first one. It was a nice introduction to the other formats that I wasn’t familiar with. It has been a lot of fun meeting new people. BODYVIVE® was something I really enjoyed. It’s a nice break from higher intensity- as far as impact. VIVE was good for strengthening and nice and low impact but you still got that workout.”

Erin Risken; San Antonio, Texas

“It was the most inspiring and motivating event for the instructors. Being able to see the Presenters for the DVD’s, it was like being in the DVD. The instructors have a lot of passion and heart. People have been exercising for seven hours. Watching people lifting barbells together (from on stage) gave me chill bumps. It’s really about the members. When these instructors leave and go back to the members, it’s a ball of energy that goes back. Changing more lives, that’s what this is about.”

Andrea Williams; The Woodlands, Texas

“It was larger than life, from the lighting to the music. I got goose bumps. The screens, all the special effects, just awesome. Just watching people who are so inspirational to us, people who are “super-stars’ to the instructors is just great. The trainers take time to answer questions. They’re very accommodating, very special.”

Gina Whitney; Nashville, Tennessee

“A-mazing. When the Program Directors are saying this is the biggest class we’ve ever done and the best class we’ve ever done- you know you are doing something right. The Dyers should be very proud of themselves. It was very inspiring to see the Program Directors inspired by us. That was amazing.”

Symone Schilling; Alabama (originally from Germany)

“I could see the difference from the way we do it in Germany and here. The energy is different- here it is relaxed. The way the people communicated with each other was so nice, very affectionate. It’s like a family. It was hard (tiring) but I have much fun. The energy just pushed me. The energy in the room even if I had pain pushed me to the finish.”