One of my desires in writing Creative God, Colorful Us is to help kids of all shapes, sizes, colors, and abilities learn about their Creator God and learn how to love Him and love one another. Over the past few weeks, I’ve received notes from parents expressing their gratefulness for including text and images that their child with a disability might relate to. Recently, one of the precious children in my Creative God, Colorful Us videos has been so impacted by it, she’s been speaking more and has a greater sense of confidence. Only God could do that!

But I want to keep learning and growing here. So, I’ve asked a friend to help us.

Palmer Williams is an international human rights lawyer, mom of three, and founder of a school called King’s Academy. She also has paraplegia.

I’m delighted that my friend, Palmer, is here for this interview to help us today.

(Note: this video is a little glitchy and I freeze at times but you should be able to listen along when it’s frozen)

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