Expanding the Study to 8 or 10 weeks

If you have studies that last for 8 or 10 weeks, I have some news for you: If God Is For Us can easily be expanded to meet your study needs!

I believe any variation of this would work for your 8-10 weeks study:

Week 1) Overview of Romans in general. Encourage them to spend this week reading the book of Romans, especially Romans 1-7 (this could take the entire week for them)
Week 2) Focus on the purpose of Romans specifically in Romans 1 and Paul’s declaration that he is not ashamed of the gospel. Encourage the women to do the homework on Romans 1-7
Week 3) Begin the study where I start- week 1
Week 4) same- week 2
Week 5) same- week 3
Week 6) same-week 4
Week 7) same-week 5
Week 8) same-week 6
Week 9) Go through the extra material–evangelism and taking it to the world
Week 10) Encourage them to read the rest of Romans this week (or discuss ways they’ve applied the text or will apply the text)

I hope that sparks some ideas for you as you work through this study with a group!

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