We are so thrilled to announce the

“If God Is For Us” Online Bible Study!

Starting April 1, join others from all around the world as we dig deep into one of the most cherished chapters of the Bible—Romans 8.

Over 6 weeks, I will walk us through Romans 8 and help cement deep inside the scandalous truths of our great salvation, our inheritance, the assurance of our faith, and ultimately the love of our good Father.

If you’ve experienced the comfort of Romans 8 before, but want to plant it more deeply in your person this is the Bible Study for you.

You don’t want to miss it! Sign up here: www.moodypublisherswomen.com/if-god-is-for-us-online-bible-study/

A few quick things:

  1. This is for an individual or a group! That’s right! You can grab a group and do the online study together! Meet up once a week to watch the Facebook lives I’ll be doing and discuss together.
  2. You must sign up at the Moody Publishers “If God Is For Us” page. From there, you’ll be redirected to join the group. Head on over there: http://www.moodypublisherswomen.com/if-god-is-for-us-online-bible-study/
  3. If you are a Bible study leader or women’s ministry leader and you hope to teach this study in the future, this online study is for you! Consider it a prep for when you’ll dig deep with your group in the future.
  4. As I’ve mentioned, this study is great for the individual also. So, if you don’t have a group, come join ours!

When you sign up, you’ll be lead to a page to receive the book for 40% off!! Or you can purchase it at your favorite retailer. The Bible study is FREE.