Today, I’d like to take you to a few of my friend’s writing homes. They invited me in recently and I’d love to share our time with you.

First up, a podcast.

A friend listened to a podcast I was featured on and emailed me as a result saying, “I don’t even know you!” I laughed to myself and then responded with something like, “I know, I know. This interview aside, I tend to forget to share more about me beyond my general conversion story and current life.”

That podcast was Daniel Darling’s The Way Home and it was his 100th episode! Dan is also my boss at the ERLC, which made our time together that much more special and unique. If you’d like to get to know me a bit more, I’d say Dan did a brilliant job of pulling a few things out that I hadn’t been thinking about for a while. In the interview, I share about how I was once pro-choice and how the Lord changed my mind and heart on that, about what my 18 year old self thought she was going to be doing for the rest of her life, about race and my interracial marriage, and also a little about the books I’ve written. Hope you’ll check it out:

An Interview

This week, I also had the pleasure of figuratively sitting down with my dear friend Melissa Kruger. Melissa is a women’s ministry leader, Bible teacher, and genuinely one of the most humble women I have gotten to know. She has such a pure desire to serve women—I’m grateful for her! And she was gracious to have me on her site Wit’s End. You can check out our interview here:

Thanks for letting me take you around the web to a few places I’ve been recently. Hope you enjoy these interviews.