Creative God, Colorful Us

God could have made us all exactly the same, but He didn’t. And our differences are good!

As His children, those called by God to belong to His family, we can actually use our differences to help each other. Here’s some more great news: There are no rules about how we look or sound to be in His family. We have a delightfully different family on purpose.

Every person is made by God, in His image, and therefore is equal in value and worth.

About the Author, Trillia Newbell


Creative God, Colorful Us is a beautiful guide to both the gospel and its life-giving call to be a part of God’s diverse and colorful family! Trillia’s writing is clear, joyfully invitational, and will be a wonderful resource that I’ll use with my own children as we learn what it means to be a part of God’s kingdom that’s coming. This is a book I wish I could have read as a young believer because it presents the invitation to celebrate the beauty and diversity of every tribe, nation, and tongue. Creative God, Colorful Us is a clear and lovely presentation of the gospel and it’s call to acknowledge and enjoy the diversity within the family of God..

Ellie Holcomb

Award winning singer/songwriter and author of Don’t Forget to Remember and Who Sang the First Song?

Many of us aren’t exactly sure how to talk to the children in our life about diversity from a biblical lens. In Creative God, Colorful Us, Trillia delightfully and compellingly breaks it all down while inviting her young readers to process and apply the book’s lessons through creative, fun, and practical activities. This book, which so clearly presents the gospel and its exciting, far-reaching implications, should be available at every church. I hope it reaches the hands of grade-school children everywhere.

Quina Aragon

Author of Love Made: A Story of God's Overflowing, Creative Heart and Love Gave: A Story of God's Greatest Gift

Creative God, Colorful Us by Trillia Newbell is a delightful and welcoming book that allows children to understand the beauty of diversity within the storyline of Scripture. Various chapters consider the perfection of God’s creation, the devastating effects of the Fall, the good news of redemption, and how we can love others as we await our heavenly home. This book helps children understand why relationships are so often broken and graciously points them to the perfect rescuer we all need—Jesus.

Melissa Kruger

Author and director of Women’s Initiatives for The Gospel Coalition

In Creative God Colorful Us, Trillia guides readers through a joyful exploration of God’s handiwork, showing how He created all of earth’s people delightfully diverse. This book will help parents and Kid Min leaders build up a generation of children who see each other as fellow image-bearers worthy of honor. Full of wonder and joy, this book is a valuable gift for today’s Christian families with a heart for truth and justice.

Dorena Williamson

Speaker and bestselling author of ColorFull

We keep a library of good children’s books for our visiting 11 grandchildren. Creative God, Colorful Us by Trillia Newbell, is now part of the library. Trillia has authored a wonderful book for children of all ages, even us adults will find it appealing. She weaves the biblical story of God and His creation with sound doctrine, colorful illustrations and scripture to engage children. The message is clear -to embrace our differences is tantamount to God’s intent that we reflect and represent His image to all.

Karen Loritts

Author and teacher

If there’s one book every young family, every church, needs right now, it’s this one. This book could literally change a generation, change the trajectory of our culture, change a whole world of broken toward hope. Trillian Newbell is the voice to lead us and our families and I can’t remember reading a children’s book with as much hunger as I read this one — for such a time as now.

Ann Voskamp

New York Times bestselling author of The Broken Way

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