United: The Discussion Questions

united pic(Note: The Pastor’s Pursuing Diversity series will continue next week. Feel free to catch up here.)

I’ve gotten wind that a few churches are using United in their adult Sunday schools and small groups as a means of study and discussion. This is deeply encouraging to me. One of my prayers as I completed United was that people would not only read the book, but that it would serve as a catalyst for conversation about race, ethnicity, and the gospel.

Last month, I developed discussion questions to assist the discussion. These questions may be used for personal reflection or in a group setting.

If you’re doing a group study of United or plan to do one, I hope this little resource proves to be useful to you. If you’re reading United but would enjoy thinking through practical application, this is for you!

You can download the discussion questions here.

Also, United is on sale now at Amazon for $2.99 for kindle. Hope you’ll grab a copy!


United is out!

Saturday was the “official” release date for United: Captured by God’s Vision for Diversity! I’m excited about this book because I United cover, finalam convinced of the message. United is not so much a book about diversity as it is about loving others. It is a book about the beauty of diversity in God’s creation and design and how we can fellowship with one another because of the blood of our Savior.

We know that in eternity, people from every tribe and nation will come together. But I think we can start seeing that happen now, in the body of Christ. It amazes me that we are one — brothers and sisters adopted into the family of God. The gospel unites us. It breaks down the barriers that separate us.

I’m praying that we will have a greater vision for what the church could be. That the world will look at the church and see the beauty and diversity of God’s creation. And that they will be amazed by the power of the gospel to make us united.

You can now purchase United via: Amazon, ShopMoody, and other retailers.

Interested in helping spread the word? Here are a few ways:

  1. Book Review: If you’d like to share your thoughts about United you can do so by writing a review on Amazon or Goodreads.
  2. Share via social media: You can share links or your thoughts via social media
  3. Interviews: I am doing several interviews over the next month and would love to chat it up with you. If that interests you feel free to contact Jana Muntsinger. You can learn more here.


Video about United

United is dedicated to my children. My desire is that one day they would be surprised that their mom would write a book about the beauty of diversity in the church and all of life because it would be so commonplace. This video captures my heart and the book so well.


United: Captured By God’s Vision for Diversity from Igniting Women Books on Vimeo.


Thank you so much for watching! United has released and is available for purchase!

Bursting with Thanksgiving

Do you ever have those moments when you are just bursting? You know, those moments when you can no longer wait or hold back because you are just so___ (fill in the blank). That’s me right now! I wanted to wait until after the launch of United but I can no longer wait because I am bursting—bursting with thanksgiving!

Every email, “tweet”, phone call, text, Facebook note, and Instagram share has me overwhelmed. Here’s the thing, writing United was tough. It was tough because, as many will soon know, I share honestly, many of these thoughts have never been shared before. But it was also “easy”. It wasn’t easy to write because I’m skilled (I’m learning every day and sure this short post will have several errors). It was easy because I had friends carrying me in prayer and encouragement. People like: Alison Stanley (a dear friend) emailing me Scripture verses, Thabiti and Kristie Anyabwile (dear friends) telling me to just be myself and allowing me to share the deep parts of my heart, Thern Newbell (my amazing husband. Really guys, this isn’t a lie or exaggeration!) praying with me and holding my hand throughout the whole process, and Gloria Furman (dear friend) who just today emailed me: “When can I call you and encourage you?”

I’m convinced the Lord loves to use people to help carry us along in faith. I can’t do anything apart from the loving kindness and strength of God, and yet He also gives us friends to help us. He is so generous and kind.

So I want to say thank you to all of you who have been so encouraging and so supportive. For a first-time author addressing a serious topic that so often divides, I am blessed! I am praying for the release of United and ask that as you think of this book and as you think of sharing about it, would you also join me in praying for it? Would you pray that God would be glorified and would use United to encourage diverse friendships in the church and all of life?

It releases on March 1, next week! Here we go!

Thank you all so very much!!

Get to Know United’s Endorsers

I must be honest; I had no idea what it meant when I signed a contract to write United. I’m so thankful that Moody Publishers would partner with me! I simply didn’t realize that part of the process of writing a book was asking others to read your book to “endorse” it.

Endorsements are positive words of support, often informative but always affirming of the message of the book. They allow the reader a glimpse into the book from the perspective of another reader. And I’ve heard that they aren’t always read. I want to convince you to read endorsements and specifically to read the endorsements for United.

Here are two reasons:

  1. I’d love for you to read United. I won’t need to convince my friends to read this book. But for those who are interested in the topic but unsure if you should read United, perhaps the endorsements will provide some assistance.
  2. The endorsers read the book. I am honored that someone would take the time to thoroughly read United and then offer up support for the book. This is no small thing to me. I am so grateful for each of the men and women who did this and therefore I’d love for you to read their thoughts on it. And I have great respect for them.

Read the endorsements here.

In addition, I’d like to introduce to you their ministries.  You can visit their sites and learn more about them by clicking the links below:

Russell D. Moore
President, Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention
ERLC website, Personal website

Ligon Duncan, PhD
Chancellor and CEO, Reformed Theological Seminary, John E. Richards Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology
RTS, Together for the Gospel website

Thabiti Anyabwile
Senior Pastor, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman
The Front Porch website, Blog

Kathleen B. Nielson 
Director of Women’s Initiatives, The Gospel Coalition
TGC website, Personal website

Gloria Furman  
Cross-cultural worker, author of Glimpses of Grace and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full
Personal website

Kristie Anyabwile
Servant of Christ; wife of Thabiti Anyabwile, First Baptist Church of Grand Cayman
On The Front Porch, Twitter

Blair Linne
Spoken Word artist and conference speaker

Deidra Riggs
Managing editor, The High Calling
THC website

Anthony Carter
Pastor of East Point Church
EPC Blog, The Front Porch

Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Practical Theology at Redeemer Seminary and Associate Pastor at New City Fellowship

Trevin Wax 
Managing Editor of The Gospel Project, author of Clear Winter Nights, Gospel-Centered Teaching, and Counterfeit Gospels.

H.B. Charles, Jr. 
Pastor-Teacher of Shiloh Metropolitan Baptist Church
Personal website

Jennie Allen
Author Restless:Because You Were Made for More
Personal website

A Beautiful Picture of Diversity: Children Participating in ‘United’ Shoot

A few months ago, Bollinger Productions filmed my portion of the promo video for United. Last week, the crew organized another shoot with children of various ethnicities to highlight the last chapter of my book, “For Our Kids”. United is dedicated to my children. My hope is, when they are older, they would wonder why their mom wrote a book about diversity in the local church and the beauty of diversity in friendship, because it would be so commonplace.

Here is a time lapse video that captures the kids coloring (you’ll get to see what they are coloring once the promo releases in mid-February). I thought it was beautiful and hope you’ll enjoy seeing a small taste of the video. What an appropriate celebration of children, diversity, and the joy of friendship, especially on this day—the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.


Production Time-Lapse of “United” Book Promotional from Nathan Bollinger on Vimeo.

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