Sneak Peek at all things “Sacred Endurance”

Sneak Peek at all things “Sacred Endurance”

On November 12, Sacred Endurance will launch into the world and I want you to get a first look! I’m praying this book encourages us all to run the race with endurance fixing our eyes on the One who will sustain us till the end.

There’s a great deal to share so I’m going to get right to it.

If you’d like to know more about the book and what others are saying, check out my book page here:

I’m thrilled to share about the Stories of Sacred Endurance Podcast. Learn more and subscribe here (don’t forget to listen to SacredEndurance-PodcastArtwork-v2 (1)the trailer!):

And be on the lookout on the blog for guest posts. I’ve invited friends to share their own stories of endurance or the stories of others. My prayer is that you would be inspired and encouraged as you read each guest post.

You can read an excerpt:

Here’s a sneak peek at the Table of Contents:

  1. Called to a Race
    2. Jesus and the Cloud of Witnesses
    3. The Right Motivations
    4. The Real Christian Life
    5. Enduring and the Mind
    6. Enduring in Society and the World
    7. The Heart Needed, the Strength Supplied
    8. Taking Steps in Practical Disciplines
    9. Broken and Contrite
    10. Don’t Go It Alone
    11. Falling and Getting Up
    12. Looking to the Prize

Are you in Nashville on November 8? Join us for the Sacred Endurance event featuring music by Sandra McCracken, a short talk from Jedidiah Coppenger, a panel featuring Dr. Russell Moore, Barnabas Piper, Dorena Williamson and Trillia and other special surprises meant to encourage our faith to run the race set before us.

Learn more and register here:


You can pre-order where books are sold or find it at these links: IVP, Amazon,, Barnes&Noble

God promises to finish the good work he began in us—but that doesn’t come without bumps in the road. Life can be hard, faith can wane, and distractions abound. Too many today are at risk of compromising their integrity or giving up on their faith. How can we persevere to the end? I, a fellow struggler on the journey, offer encouragement and hope for us to run the race well. While life may be full of challenges, we have a true and real hope in Jesus, who provides us with what we need to endure through pain and doubt. Newbell shares theological insights and practical disciplines to train us for faithful, godly living over the long haul. The race is hard, but you are not running it alone. Find strength and courage here to endure and finish well.

Introducing the Stories of Sacred Endurance Podcast

Introducing the Stories of Sacred Endurance Podcast

I’m excited to share with you about the Stories of Sacred Endurance Podcast. In conjunction with my book Sacred Endurance (releasing November 12) we’ve developed a podcast to take the biblical call to run the race with endurance and bring it to life with stories of modern day Christians.

We’ll hear about a young man who went to prison and was saved, a woman whose life was forever changed after diving into shallow water, the ordinary walk of a pastor and teacher, the story of a man who escaped from the prosperity gospel, and much more.

Join me as we listen and learn from those who are in this race of faith with us. Make sure to subscribe to Stories of Sacred Endurance wherever podcasts are available. But here are some quick links!

More about the book

In the book I share that God promises to finish the good work he began in us—but that doesn’t come without bumps in the road. Life can be hard, faith can wane, and distractions abound. Too many today are at risk of compromising their integrity or giving up on their faith. How can we persevere to the end?

The race is hard, but you are not running it alone. Find strength and courage to endure and finish well in Sacred Endurance. We are excited to offer to podcast listeners 30% off and free shipping! Head over to and use the code SACRED30 for 30% off and free shipping to U.S. residents! Offer valid through the end of March 2020.

Hope you’ll grab the book and can’t wait for you to hear these encouraging stories of sacred endurance.

Free Sacred Endurance Event in Nashville, TN!

Free Sacred Endurance Event in Nashville, TN!

I’m excited to invite you to join us for an exciting event! Sacred Endurance releases in November and we want to provide a night of fellowship, worship, refreshments, and learning. The event is on November 8; doors open at 7:00 pm. Below you’ll find all of the details including info about our special guests.

The evening includes music by Sandra McCracken, a short talk from Jedidiah Coppenger, a panel featuring Dr. Russell Moore, Barnabas Piper, Dorena Williamson and Trillia and other special surprises meant to encourage our faith to run the race set before us.

This event is absolutely free but….Please make sure to register. Space is limited and we want you there! (REGISTER)

More details:

Fri, November 8, 2019

7:00 PM – 9:00 PM CST


The Well Coffeehouse

690 East Old Hickory Boulevard

Brentwood, TN 37027

Reminder: Please make sure to register. Space is limited and we want you there! (REGISTER here)

All proceeds during the event from sales for Sacred Endurance go to benefit HOPE International.

More about our special guests:

Sandra McCracken

Sandra McCracken’s prolific contributions as a songwriter, modern-day hymn writer, and record producer has brought grace and clarity to her soulful, folk-gospel sound. Whether in a theater or in a chapel, she is a dynamic performer who blurs the lines of what church music sounds like, captivating and inviting audiences to sing along. While many of her songs like “We Will Feast In The House Of Zion” and “Thy Mercy My God” have settled into regular rotation in Christian worship services internationally, she has also had songs recorded by All Sons And Daughters, ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, Audrey Assad, A Rocha Compilation, Bifrost Arts, Caedmon’s Call and others. She is further a founding member of Indelible Grace Music and Rain For Roots (children’s music) and has been a guest writer for Art House America, She Reads Truth, The Gospel Coalition, Christianity Today, RELEVANT Magazine and more.


Russell Moore

Russell Moore is president of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the moral and public policy agency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination. Dr. Moore is the author of several books, including Onward: Engaging the Culture without Losing the Gospel and The Storm-Tossed Family: How the Cross Reshapes the Home. A native Mississippian, he and his wife Maria are the parents of five sons.




Dorena Williamson

Dorena Williamson is a Preacher’s kid, First Lady, and veteran of cross-cultural ministry. In 1995 she and her husband Dr. Chris planted Strong Tower Bible Church, a faith community in Nashville that celebrates the beauty of God’s diverse kingdom. Dorena has written ColorFullThoughtFull and GraceFull, a series of children’s books that feature diverse ethnicity and helps shape perspective on race, disability and homelessness. A frequent podcast guest and speaker, Dorena co-leads Nashville’s Be the Bridge group, part of an international collective focused on building bridges of reconciliation. She is a stylist with Evereve, a fashion brand that empowers woman. She and Chris have four teenage and young adult children.


Barnabas piper

Barnabas Piper is the Director for Community at Immanuel Nashville and is the author of three books – The Pastors Kid, Help My Unbelief, and The Curious Christian. He co-hosts two podcasts, The Happy Rant and The Table of (mal)Contents, writes for He Reads Truth, and has contributed to a number of other websites and publications. Piper speaks regularly at churches and conferences around the country.




Dr. Jed Coppenger is the Lead Pastor of Redemption City Church, in Franklin, TN. He’s married to Melanie and they have 3 kids.






Just in case you forget: make sure to register. Space is limited and we want you there! (REGISTER)

 Learn more about Sacred Endurance by visiting:

What others are saying about “Sacred Endurance” and more exciting news…

What others are saying about “Sacred Endurance” and more exciting news…

It’s rare that people grab books they haven’t heard anything about. I generally ask a few friends or refer to social media before a purchase. I also tend to read reviews to see what others are saying. Last week, I invited you to join the launch team and book club for Sacred Endurance. Many of you have decided to join the book club already. Thank you! But I realize that I haven’t shared much about the book! To help you decide whether or not you’d like to grab an early copy of Sacred Endurance, I thought I’d share what others are saying.

I’m grateful for the thoughtful early reviews and endorsements of Sacred Endurance by fellow authors and ministry leaders, people I greatly respect. I hope their words give you a small glimpse into what the book is about. Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks. But if you think that you’ve read enough after reading these reviews, I’d love for you to JOIN the launch team (link here). The launch team will be reading the book together. You can join until Monday, August 26 so go ahead and join today!

If you don’t have the time to be a part of a launch team, you can still pre-order the book to be one the first to receive it! Sacred Endurance releases on November 12 but pre-orders often get shipped out early.

(p.s. Check out some exciting news at the end of this post!)

More here:

Endorsement 1080x1080 01- Tripp“This is the best book on endurance I have ever read. As I began, I knew this book was going to be different—Trillia Newbell has given us something that is deeply wise, practical at every turn, and laden with illuminating illustrations. Again and again she points us to Jesus and reminds us each time that the hope for our endurance is not found in our faithfulness but rather made possible because of his. You don’t have to dread the race ahead; you can look at the road ahead with anticipation and hope. This book will tell you why.” -Paul David Tripp, pastor and author of New Morning Mercies

“The longer I live, the more I want to finish the Christian race well and hear the words, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant.’ Trillia Newbell’s newest book, Sacred Endurance, offers practical and personal encouragement to faithfully live the Christian life, daily looking to Jesus. Amid life’s hardships and struggles, her words will refresh your soul and spur you on in the race.” -Melissa Kruger, director of women’s content at The Gospel Coalition, author of In All Things

“If you’re reading this, you’re breathing. And if you’re breathing that can only mean one thing—God isn’t finished with you yet! No matter the premature judgments of others, your race is not over! Sacred Endurance is just the oxygen we need to help us hear those two words from our Father we long for, ‘Well Done!'” -Bryan Loritts, lead pastor, Abundant Life Christian Fellowship, author of Insider/Outsider

“As a friend and colleague of Trillia Newbell, I can testify that the author lives out the message of this book every day. She is characterized by joy, exuberance, and persistence. Maybe you, like me, are sometimes finding yourself feeling exhausted by the whirl of life all around us. This book will equip you to keep running, with your feet on the ground and your eyes on the prize.” –Russell Moore, president, the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

“Trillia refreshingly highlights stories of enduring faith in a relatable, vulnerable tone. I leave this book more convinced that Jesus is the true hero of every enduring saint.” -Quina Aragon, author of Love Made: A Story of God’s Overflowing, Creative Heart

“If you’ve never felt like giving up on the Christian race, this book is not for you. If you’ve never doubted whether your faith is strong enough to last, this book is not for you. If you’re confident that you’ve ‘got this’—this book is definitely not for you. If, however, you know your own weakness, if you feel the weight of the world dragging you down, if you cry out ‘Lord, I believe! Help my unbelief!’—then Sacred Endurance may just be the hope and help you need to keep running. With honesty and compassion, author Trillia Newbell urges us on, reminding us to trust, not in ourselves but in the kindness and mercy of Christ.” -Hannah Anderson, author of Humble Roots: How Humility Grounds and Nourishes Your Soul

“Incredibly timely. Accessible and warm. Sacred Endurance reminds us of the burden, blessedness, strategy, and assurance of this ‘race’ in Jesus Christ. On fire for God or are you a dimly lit wick? I guess the answer depends on what day it is for some of us. This book will meet you where you are, and I believe it will re-offer you the promises found in Scripture, fueling faith as we journey with Jesus and call after those who seem to be slipping away.” -Christina H. Edmondson, dean for intercultural student development at Calvin College

“We live during in a time in history when having spotty Wi-Fi or slower than split-second downloads results in irritation and complaints. We are used to microwaves reheating our food in under a minute and news content delivered in 280 characters over Twitter. Trillia’s book Sacred Endurance invites the reader to step back and take a long-haul look at the Christian life. Both the whys and hows are covered as she explores what it looks like to have a lasting faith that ends in our ultimate prize of being face to face with our King. She sums up well our purpose on earth, ‘This is our sacred endurance: running the race of the Christian life set before us by the grace of God, through the strength of God, until the day we face our God.'” –Vivian Mabuni, speaker and author of Open Hands, Willing Heart: Discover the Joy of Saying Yes to God

Sacred Endurance is a rich biblical exploration of our call to persevere. Practical, gospel-centered, and serious, Trillia’s book helps readers to run faithfully without denying or downplaying the reality of suffering and evil we face in this life.” –Alan Noble, assistant professor of English at Oklahoma Baptist University, author of Disruptive Witness


Joining the launch team includes tons of exciting benefits including early access to free tickets to the book launch party on November 8! launch v1 1080x1080

Sacred Endurance Launch Team!

Sacred Endurance Launch Team!

As I shared on Tuesday, it’s time to build a launch team for Sacred Endurance and there’s so many wonderful things planned for us!

Sacred Endurance releases on November 12th. God promises to finish the good work he began in us—but that doesn’t come without bumps in the road!

I’m gathering a community around this new book and would love you to consider joining me. This group is forming to serve two purposes:

  1. to journey together in setting and reaching a spiritual goal. Each member will set a spiritual goal such as prayer and Bible reading that they would like to tackle over the next few months. I will be available in the group to encourage you as you work toward your goal and journey over the bumps along the way.
  2. to help me launch Sacred Endurance. We will read and discuss Sacred Endurance together and then, Lord willing, we will share about the book.

(Join here:

As a launch team member, you will receive:

+ a concentrated time of spiritual refreshment and engagement with a community of others on the same journey.

+ a digital advanced copy of Sacred Endurance.

+ access to an exclusive Facebook group for discussion and collaboration.

+ regular encouragement and mutual encouragement.

+ early access to tickets to the Sacred Endurance live launch party November 8th in Nashville featuring special musical guest Sandra McCracken and many more guests!

+ exclusive content, videos, and free giveaways.

Once you sign up you agree to:

+ preorder and read the book

+ participate as you can in the private Facebook group

+ spread the word on your social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blog communities, etc.) and in-person with friends

+ submit an honest review of the book during the launch period on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or GoodReads (or all of them!)

+ write a book review on your blog or online community if applicable

Launch teams are a unique and special concentrated time—one I have come to enjoy greatly. I hope you will join us!

Thanks for your interest!

Here’s the link to sign up before August 25:


When writing and life meet

When writing and life meet

Over the past several weeks, we’ve read about or heard of prominent leaders leaving the faith. Some ministry leaders have decided to no longer follow Jesus. Some have decided they no longer believe. Others have fallen due to unrepentant sin. This isn’t anything new—people make these decisions often. But it has seemed to be a unique time. And over the past two years, I have been writing and editing a book on enduring in the faith, Sacred Endurance.

It’s not often that a writer shares the inner wrestling involved in the writing process. I wrote this book to serve you and me. I wrote this book because I have experienced enough trials and sorrows to know that this Christian walk is one filled with deep valleys and beautiful mountaintop highs. But what I couldn’t have known was that we’d be in a season where so many would be struggling to finish their race in such public and confusing ways.

So, what’s the wrestling I’m writing about?

I’ve been reluctant to share more about the book because I realize the weight of what I’ve written about. The topic is of utmost importance because it’s a matter of life or death. I want nothing more than to see everyone finish their race and finish it well, whether by crawling across the finish line or by leaping. But I believe with all my heart that no one wants you to finish well more than Jesus and as you will see through his Word, he has given us all we need. He has promised to finish the good work he began—he will surely do it.

But we are in confusing and difficult times. Circumstances aren’t easily explained away. And yet we have a God who is faithful. We know that Christ holds us fast. And if you don’t know this, I pray that the Lord would remind you and help you to remember through his Word and if he might use it, through the pages of Sacred Endurance.

In a few days, I will invite you to consider joining the launch team for Sacred Endurance. I’m looking forward to being a part of this community online. We will read through the book together, there will be times of prayer, I imagine there will be times when we will mourn, and there will also be times of rejoicing and enjoying all that the Lord has done and will do.

I have faith that we will make it. I am also praying that we will make it. And I am praying that the Lord might use this work, Sacred Endurance, to help in whatever way he chooses. I hope that the book is useful and helps you in this journey.

Be on the lookout on Thursday for more information.

Sacred Endurance coverYou can learn more about Sacred Endurance by visiting IVP:


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