A Great Cloud of Witnesses Launch Team: Join Us!

A Great Cloud of Witnesses Launch Team: Join Us!

When my first study, If God Is For Us, released I have the opportunity to participate in a community to read through the study together and encourage one another. It was one of such a refreshing and encouraging six weeks.

I’m so excited to share that we are going to do it again for A Great Cloud Of Witnesses.

You can sign up for free. Space is limited so join us quickly. I can’t wait to share more in this group.

Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatcloudwitnesseslaunch

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Exciting Announcement: New Kids’ Book!

Exciting Announcement: New Kids’ Book!

I am thrilled to share that my newest kids’ book, Creative God, Colorful Us, releases in February! This short, colorful book (written with grade-schoolers in mind) will share the truth about how we were made, our differences, our sin problem, God’s rescue, and how we should be motivated to love one another on earth.
I’ve received so many questions from moms of 6—11-year-olds about teaching our kids about race and ethnicity and the gospel. I hope this starts the conversation and gives kids imagination for what can be in their lives and the world.
The cover art is by a young woman named Chase Williamson. She handpainted all of the pictures! It’s beautiful.
Be on the lookout for more information in the coming days. Until then, you can pre-order Creative God, Colorful Us! Here are a few locations:
Amazon: Pre-order
Barnes and Noble: Pre-order
Christian Books.com: Pre-order and save
More soon!
Updates: Books, Encouragement, Sale, and more….

Updates: Books, Encouragement, Sale, and more….

Dear friends,

It’s been quiet here! Since March, like much of the world, I’ve been adjusting to life at home, kids at home, work at home, and church at home. What’s interesting about that sentence is that it’s not unique. I imagine that you’ve had many of the same adjustments to make during this year. Since it’s been a while, I thought I’d write an update on life and work. I’d love to hear from you, too!

Although I haven’t been here much, I have been writing. I’m currently working on a few exciting projects.  My Bible study on Hebrews 11 will GreatCloud_COVbe out January 5 (more about that soon—but if you’d like to study that amazing chapter with me, go ahead and preorder it: https://amzn.to/3133zvY), I have a few kids’ books I’m working on and I can’t wait to tell you about, and I’m updating my social media sites with encouragement or fun stuff about my family. Social media is a great place for us to stay in touch and connect. I’ll list my sites below.

I’ve enjoyed my new role as an Acquisitions Editor at Moody Publishers. I’ve been asked to describe what I do and I often say that I look for evidence of grace in people all day. I enjoy writing and believe I will write in some form for the rest of my life, but I’m limited and can’t write on every subject. That’s part of the reason I’m enjoying this work. There are many gifted writers and experts and teachers who I can now support as they do the work of ministry. I love it!

I do pray that you are resting in your Father’s arms and care these days. I’ll be back to writing on here soon enough. Until then, thank you for your continued prayer and support of me and my little family.



Make sure to click on the link I provided but here they are for quick reference:

A Great Cloud of Witnesses-available for pre-order!

Moody Publishers has 50% off ALL books!if-god-is-for-us

Let’s connect on social media! Here’s where you can find me:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/trillianewbell/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/trillianewbell

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TrilliaNewbell/

Where can I find “God’s Very Good Idea?”

Where can I find “God’s Very Good Idea?”

I am so grateful that God’s Very Good Idea has been a resource for you all during this time. I pray it serves you well and the truth in the book gets deep into little hearts. Amazon has run out of the book. More is on the way but I wanted to direct you to the Good Book Company’s site. They have it for 40% off and they always have stock. I have put their link in my profile, stories, etc. I hope this helps you as you hunt for the book.
👉🏾May the Lord use it as you teach your children during this time (and beyond this time!!).

Find it here: https://www.thegoodbook.com/gods-very-good-idea

Please note that other retailers may also have it in stock including Barnes & Noble, WTS Bookstore, and more.

A Personal Update: Joining the team at Moody Publishers!

A Personal Update: Joining the team at Moody Publishers!

In a season of bad news, I’m thrilled to share a little good news with you. Next month I’ll begin working with Moody Publishers as an acquisitions editor. Moody Publishers took a chance on me as a young, unknown writer and I am forever indebted to them. Moody published my first two books, United and Fear and Faith. Moody also published If God Is For Us and I’m excited to share that they will be publishing two more of my Bible studies in the coming years. Moody Publishers has been a faithful partner with me through ministry. To get to now be a part of the team and organization that helped launch me into public ministry brings me great joy.

What will I be doing?

I’ll have the privilege of discovering authors who can contribute books to serve the Church. I’ll partner with these authors to help them develop their projects from start to finish. What a joy! Moody’s mission is: “As a Christian publisher, we resource the church’s work of discipling all people.” I will aim to fulfill this mission. I have worked with several acquisition editors who have encouraged me, held my hand, reshaped projects to make them better, and much more. I can’t wait for the Lord to bring the authors I’ll get to do likewise.

What about my writing and speaking ministry?

First, I have contracts already in place that I will fulfill with a variety of publishers including Moody. I will continue to write and speak as the Lord allows. My heart is to make disciples and encourage the Church. I believe I’ll be able to continue doing this work through the authors I work with at Moody Publishers, but I will also continue to contribute through my own writing and speaking. My hands are wide open to whatever the Lord may have in the season, for this I am grateful.

With that said, I welcome you to pray for me as I step into this new adventure. Pray for the future authors who will encourage the Church through their writing. Pray that I would serve Moody Publishers and their mission well. Pray that whatever I do, I will do it to the glory of the Lord.

Thank you, my friends.


p.s. My sweet daughter illustrated a fake book cover.  Her own way of celebrating with her mom.




A Time to Pray

A Time to Pray

Please join Kristie AnyabwileCourtney DoctorDennae Pierre and me as we share a short word and lead a time of prayer. We would like to join together to pray during this unprecedented time.

When: Tomorrow, Saturday, March 21
Where: Zoom meeting (space limited but will be recorded)
Time: 10:00 am CST; 11:00 am EST
How: Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 346 116 0711

The Lord invites us to come before His throne of grace in our time of need. We hope you will join us as we go before the Father who loves us and is for us. Our hope is in Him.

We look forward to praying together!

If you can’t join us, this might be a wonderful time for you to grab some of your friends and family to pray together. There are ways for us to social distance together! I’ll be praying for you.

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