Creative God, Colorful Us featured on Focus on the Family

Trillia Newbell and Dr. Danny Huerta discuss the value of our celebrating racial and cultural diversity as an expression of God’s calling upon us to share His message of love and reconciliation through Christ to people of every nation, tribe, and language, and offer parents practical guidance for celebrating as a family.

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Creative God, Colorful Us: Interviews with Kids

Creative God, Colorful Us: Interviews with Kids

Part of my desire to write Creative God, Colorful Us, was to help us teach the next generation. I feature chapters on the gospel, the image of God, sin and its effect on relationships, loving our neighbor, specifically those who do not look this us, and more. And how we can enjoy our beautiful, colorful, diverse family: the church. So that’s what you’ll find in Creative God, Colorful Us.

But there are times, like today, when the children teach us. In this video, listen to the simple yet profound answers these wonderful children give to questions related to the themes and teaching in Creative God, Colorful Us.

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Colorful Us: Frequently Asked Questions

Colorful Us: Frequently Asked Questions

A school ordered these books for their students and asked me to sign them. It’s a joy to do so! I can’t fully express the delight, joy, love…you name it, I have in serving parents, teachers, and guardians in this way. Creative God, Colorful Us releases this Tuesday (Feb 2). We’ve been praying and celebrating (20210129_135400see those awesome cookies at the bottom), and can’t wait to hear the stories to come.

If you haven’t heard, when you pre-order Creative God, Colorful Us, you have access to a special group of conversations we’re calling Colorful Us! I wanted to answer some of your frequently asked questions:

  1. I ordered Creative God, Colorful Us before I knew about the event. May I still register?

IMG_20210129_140115_187-Yes! Go to (or link in profile) to submit your receipt and follow the rest of the directions.

  1. When can I view the conversation?

Colorful Us will premiere on Thursday, Feb. 11 at 7:00 pm in your time zone. You will have access to watch on-demand for one full year!

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