A Great Cloud of Witnesses Launch Team: Join Us!

A Great Cloud of Witnesses Launch Team: Join Us!

When my first study, If God Is For Us, released I have the opportunity to participate in a community to read through the study together and encourage one another. It was one of such a refreshing and encouraging six weeks.

I’m so excited to share that we are going to do it again for A Great Cloud Of Witnesses.

You can sign up for free. Space is limited so join us quickly. I can’t wait to share more in this group.

Join us here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/greatcloudwitnesseslaunch

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How to expand “If God If For Us”

How to expand “If God If For Us”

Expanding the Study to 8 or 10 weeks

If you have studies that last for 8 or 10 weeks, I have some news for you: If God Is For Us can easily be expanded to meet your study needs!

I believe any variation of this would work for your 8-10 weeks study:

Week 1) Overview of Romans in general. Encourage them to spend this week reading the book of Romans, especially Romans 1-7 (this could take the entire week for them)
Week 2) Focus on the purpose of Romans specifically in Romans 1 and Paul’s declaration that he is not ashamed of the gospel. Encourage the women to do the homework on Romans 1-7
Week 3) Begin the study where I start- week 1
Week 4) same- week 2
Week 5) same- week 3
Week 6) same-week 4
Week 7) same-week 5
Week 8) same-week 6
Week 9) Go through the extra material–evangelism and taking it to the world
Week 10) Encourage them to read the rest of Romans this week (or discuss ways they’ve applied the text or will apply the text)

I hope that sparks some ideas for you as you work through this study with a group!

You can learn more about If God Is For Us by visiting the book page: http://www.trillianewbell.com/if-god-is-for-us/ or grab your copy here: https://amzn.to/2LI4GYV.



The “If God Is For Us” online study begins this week! Here’s some FAQs

The “If God Is For Us” online study begins this week! Here’s some FAQs

I am so thrilled about this 6-week online study hosted by the wonderful team at Moody Publishers! It begins on Monday, April 1, but as you’ll see below, if you miss this week, no big deal! I’ve received a few questions and want to jump right into the answers.


  1. Who can join?

Answer: Absolutely anyone! You can join as a group or an individual. But make sure to sign up here first: https://www.moodypublisherswomen.com/if-god-is-for-us-online-bible-study/

  1. I signed up but I did not receive an email. What do I do?

Answer: First check you spam folder. Emails may be there. If you have Gmail, check your “promotions” folder or other folders similar to that. If you do not find it there, go ahead and sign up again via the link above. If that doesn’t work, email me at newbellassistant@gmail.com and we will make it happen!

  1. When will you (Trillia) be joining the group?

Answer: Over the next six weeks, I’ll be in the Facebook group every Monday at 9:00 am. I won’t likely be able to be in there much more than once or twice a week but I will make sure to pop in as much as I can. The wonderful Moody Publishers’ team will be leading the rest of the week.

  1. What if I miss the Monday video study time?

Answer: The videos will be recorded and available not only all week but even after our six weeks is over! We are keeping the Facebook group open until June. So, if you need to watch the video as an individual or a group on Tuesdays at 7:00 pm, you can do that (or any other day and time)!

  1. What if I can’t join right on April 1?

Answer: This is similar to a video study that you would do on your own and therefore you will have access to the videos that are recorded each week until June. Please don’t wait to sign up officially via Moody (here) and go ahead and join the Facebook group. If you begin by May 1, you will be able to complete the 6 weeks.

Reminders from Moody Publishers:

Our online Bible study If God Is For Us begins this week and we are so excited!

Over 600 of you will be joining us as we dive deep into the riches found in Romans 8.

To make sure you’re ready to go, complete these three easy steps below:

  1. Join the private If God Is For Us online Bible study Facebook group. This Facebook group is where we will discuss the Bible study, meet with author Trillia Newbell, and interact together throughout the week. Join today, and be sure to introduce yourself! Please note that we will officially begin on April 1st.
  2. Pick up a copy of the If God Is For Us book by Trillia Newbell as soon as possible. This online Bible study is FREE, but you will need the book to follow along. You can find it at your favorite book retailer or purchase a copy for 40% off at Moody Publishers now through 4/7/19.
  3. Invite your friends to join you in the If God Is For Us online Bible study! They can join by signing up here. If you have note signed up, sign up here too.

Now you’re all set. We’re excited to study with you.


Announcing the “If God Is For Us” Online Study!

Announcing the “If God Is For Us” Online Study!

We are so thrilled to announce the

“If God Is For Us” Online Bible Study!

Starting April 1, join others from all around the world as we dig deep into one of the most cherished chapters of the Bible—Romans 8.

Over 6 weeks, I will walk us through Romans 8 and help cement deep inside the scandalous truths of our great salvation, our inheritance, the assurance of our faith, and ultimately the love of our good Father.

If you’ve experienced the comfort of Romans 8 before, but want to plant it more deeply in your person this is the Bible Study for you.

You don’t want to miss it! Sign up here: www.moodypublisherswomen.com/if-god-is-for-us-online-bible-study/

A few quick things:

  1. This is for an individual or a group! That’s right! You can grab a group and do the online study together! Meet up once a week to watch the Facebook lives I’ll be doing and discuss together.
  2. You must sign up at the Moody Publishers “If God Is For Us” page. From there, you’ll be redirected to join the group. Head on over there: http://www.moodypublisherswomen.com/if-god-is-for-us-online-bible-study/
  3. If you are a Bible study leader or women’s ministry leader and you hope to teach this study in the future, this online study is for you! Consider it a prep for when you’ll dig deep with your group in the future.
  4. As I’ve mentioned, this study is great for the individual also. So, if you don’t have a group, come join ours!

When you sign up, you’ll be lead to a page to receive the book for 40% off!! Or you can purchase it at your favorite retailer. The Bible study is FREE.


He Will Give Us All Things

He Will Give Us All Things

He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, how will he not also with him graciously give us all things? (Rom. 8:32)

Inquisitive and tender, vivacious and loyal—that is how I’d describe my son and daughter respectively. They’re both intelligent and fun, undoubtedly two of the greatest gifts the Lord has given my husband and me.

We couldn’t love them more—which is why the stories of Abraham and Isaac and the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus are absolutely remarkable to me….
If God was willing to sacrifice his Son for us, why would we ever doubt anything else that God says or does? Why would we not trust his promise to give us ‘all things’?
Read more of my post and an excerpt of If God Is For Us at The Gospel Coalition: “God Will Give You Everything You Need”
If God Is For Us is a six-week study of Romans 8. Grab your copy here: If God Is For Us.
No Longer Slaves

No Longer Slaves

“For you did not receive the spirit of slavery to fall back into fear, but you have received the Spirit of adoption as sons, by whom we cry, “Abba! Father!”
  Romans 8:15 

Anytime, anytime while I was a slave, if one minute’s freedom had been offered to me, and I had been told I must die at the end of that minute,
I would have taken it—just to stand one minute on God’s earth a free woman—I would. -Elizabeth Freeman 

My mind struggles to understand slavery. I can’t imagine what it must have been like to wake up chained—metaphorically or literally—and owned by another human being. When my mind goes there, when I allow myself to try to put my feet in a slave’s shoes, I all but fall down in sorrow.

Slavery was an atrocious institution in the early days of our country, and it didn’t exist only in the South. A slave named Elizabeth Freeman actually took the new state of Massachusetts to court, seeking to be freed. She fought for her freedom. And she won! She became the first African-American slave to be set free under Massachusetts law and is credited with informally abolishing slavery in the state.

Elizabeth Freeman’s burning desire to stand on the earth for even one minute as a free woman isn’t hard to imagine. And once she tasted the sweetness of freedom, surely she would never, ever have desired to return to slavery.

And yet we sometimes do just that, in a sense. Though we are free in Christ, time and time again our hearts return to that time when we were slaves to our flesh, slaves to our fears, slaves to the law and the law’s demands on us. We fall back into old, fearful ways of thinking. In this text we see Paul reminding the church that God doesn’t want that for us. God desires our freedom—and He provides it through His Son and through our adoption as His children (8:15).

To the first-century church, this reminder of freedom from slavery would have great significance. Slavery was a daily reality in that culture, so people in that day would instantly understand the analogy of being released from slavery and not falling back into it. Like Elizabeth Freeman, they knew in their bones that there was a big difference between being a slave in someone’s household and being a free member of the family!

We may not witness slavery on a daily basis anymore, but Paul’s analogy still holds powerful truth for us. We were once slaves to our sin (Rom. 6:20), but once we’re in Christ this is no longer true. We do not have to submit or obey or entrust ourselves to those old ways. God has made us new, and as new creations we have the privilege of adoption. Now we are not only free, but children of almighty God. And not only children, but beloved children who can relate to our Father intimately.

It is no small thing that we can use the word Abba as we cry out to our Father. This Aramaic word for Father is an intimate term, even somewhat childlike—it could also be translated as “papa” or “daddy.” Significantly, it is also the name Jesus used in addressing God. It is a grace to us that we can cry out to the Lord in prayer in such intimate and personal ways. He gives us that access. Theologian Douglas Moo puts it this way: “In ‘adopting’ us, God has taken no half measures; we have been made full members of the family and partakers of all the privileges belonging to members of that family.”

Today remember this great access you have to your Abba. When you have to fight not to fall back into your old ways of thinking, cry out to your heavenly Father, who is available to you and listening. Remember that you are His, that you’ve been bought with a price. And that means you are truly free.

IfGodIsForUs_COV **This is an excerpt from my new study on Romans 8. Find more devotionals like this one in If God Is For Us! Order via Amazon and other retailers. 











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