If you’ve followed me or read my work for long, you’ll know that I have a desire to provide a refreshing narrative to our conversation regarding race and ethnicity. In short, I desire for us to do more delighting, celebrating, and enjoying our differences. To celebrate, my family has taken an intentional approach to Black History Month, and frankly, our life in general.

Last year we cooked through the book Jubilee. Delicious!

Each week we focused on an artist, inventor, historian, musician, or someone related to the recipe’s region of origin. It was a blast!

This year we are taking a different approach. Instead of studying history, we are going to walk through it.

We are focusing our attention on experiencing Black history. Here’s a weekly guide to our Black History Month celebration:

 Week 1) We will trace the steps of the Nashville sit-ins through a self-guided tour provided by the city.

 Week 2) We are visiting the new African American Music Museum here in Music City.

 Week 3) We will learn negro spirituals led by my friend and worship leader Tammy Bulluck (via zoom!)

 Week 4) We will make our way to a famous Black-owned business in town, likely Prince’s Hot Chicken.

But don’t you dare thinking cooking won’t be involved!

Since the experiences will focus on African American culture, I thought it would be fun to focus the food on Africa. Each week I’ll be cooking through In Bibi’s Kitchen: The Recipes and Stories of Grandmothers from the Eight African Countries that Touch the Indian Ocean.

 Each week I’ll share what we did and a taste of what we learned.

 Join us!