In a season of bad news, I’m thrilled to share a little good news with you. Next month I’ll begin working with Moody Publishers as an acquisitions editor. Moody Publishers took a chance on me as a young, unknown writer and I am forever indebted to them. Moody published my first two books, United and Fear and Faith. Moody also published If God Is For Us and I’m excited to share that they will be publishing two more of my Bible studies in the coming years. Moody Publishers has been a faithful partner with me through ministry. To get to now be a part of the team and organization that helped launch me into public ministry brings me great joy.

What will I be doing?

I’ll have the privilege of discovering authors who can contribute books to serve the Church. I’ll partner with these authors to help them develop their projects from start to finish. What a joy! Moody’s mission is: “As a Christian publisher, we resource the church’s work of discipling all people.” I will aim to fulfill this mission. I have worked with several acquisition editors who have encouraged me, held my hand, reshaped projects to make them better, and much more. I can’t wait for the Lord to bring the authors I’ll get to do likewise.

What about my writing and speaking ministry?

First, I have contracts already in place that I will fulfill with a variety of publishers including Moody. I will continue to write and speak as the Lord allows. My heart is to make disciples and encourage the Church. I believe I’ll be able to continue doing this work through the authors I work with at Moody Publishers, but I will also continue to contribute through my own writing and speaking. My hands are wide open to whatever the Lord may have in the season, for this I am grateful.

With that said, I welcome you to pray for me as I step into this new adventure. Pray for the future authors who will encourage the Church through their writing. Pray that I would serve Moody Publishers and their mission well. Pray that whatever I do, I will do it to the glory of the Lord.

Thank you, my friends.


p.s. My sweet daughter illustrated a fake book cover.  Her own way of celebrating with her mom.