Thanksgiving is a few days away and whether you are traveling or enjoying some downtime, now might be a good time to catch up on Stories of Sacred Endurance. 

Here’s the last four episodes this season.

Episode 5 – Todd Billings: Enduring in Hope

Dr. J. Todd Billings is the Gordon H. Girod Research Professor of Reformed Theology at Western Theological Seminary in Holland, MI. He was diagnosed with incurable blood cancer in 2012. Todd shares with us how his hope in Jesus Christ has helped him endure the everyday questions and struggles that come with his diagnosis. 

You can find Todd on Twitter at @jtoddbillings.

Episode 6 – Costi Hinn: Enduring in Truth

Costi W. Hinn is a pastor and author whose passion is to preach the gospel and serve the church. His works have been featured on outlets like CNN, Christianity Today, and He comes from a family of well-known prosperity gospel teachers, but had a radical encounter with God’s Word. Costi shares with us the challenges and victories that he now embraces since following Jesus Christ.

You can find Costi on Twitter at @costiwhinn.

Episode 7 – Linda and Tom Strode: Enduring in the Everyday

Tom and Linda Strode met at First Baptist Church in Little Rock and were married in 1978. Tom is a correspondent for Baptist Press and works at the Epics and Religious Liberty Commission. For the last 21 years he has also been a pastor of Covenant Community Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Linda co-authored the 2014 book “A Christ Centered Wedding” with her daughter Catherine Parks. On this episode they share how to push on in following Jesus in everyday, mundane life. 

You can find Tom and Linda on Twitter at @TomStrode and @LGStrode.

Episode 8 – June Cheng: Enduring in Persecution

June Cheng is the China correspondent for WORLD Magazine. She covers persecution in the Church, as well as culture and politics in China. June tells us about the persecution that Chinese Christians are facing today and how they continue to follow God even in the face of intense adversity. 

You can find June on Twitter at @JuneCheng_World.


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