I just learned that my kids’ book, God’s Very Good Idea, is only $5.00 at Lifeway.com right now. That’s more than half-off!

Tonight, I will have the joy of reading God’s Very Good Idea to a group of about 500 kids and parents. I’m overjoyed by the opportunity to serve in this way. I had no idea that this book would go to so many places I’ll never be and encourage the hearts of parents and children alike. Only God can do that! Only He can use something that seems so small and insignificant for the good of His people and His glory.

Thanks to all of you who have already purchased it. If you think it would be a good gift or if you haven’t grabbed it yet, I hope you will enjoy this discount! You can purchase it online here: https://www.lifeway.com/en/product/god-s-very-good-idea-P006171967