The world is broken.

Because of Genesis 3, we aren’t surprised by the brokenness, depravity, pain, and sorrow around us. Even creation is groaning, awaiting the day when it will be freed and all things will be made new. And perhaps one of the greatest effects of the fall is the hostility present in so many of our relationships and institutions. We need not look much further than our social media feeds to see this divide. And it could be easy to say it’s out there and not in here—in the church. Our division is pervasive. But Genesis 3 didn’t have the last word; Jesus defeated sin and death through the cross and resurrection. And although we wait for his return in a world filled with hate and despair, there are many glimpses of beauty, joy, reconciliation, and love all around.

This week in the U.S.—election week—has the potential to widen the divide we already see and feel, but we don’t have to let it. Not only can we resist the temptation to engage in the foray, we can actively show a better way. That’s why I’m excited to invite you to enter to win a few prizes while also highlighting the beauty and stories of reconciliation.

Giveaway Details

What would happen if we filled our social media feeds with stories and pictures of hope and reconciliation? That’s what I’d like to see. This won’t end all the divide in the world but perhaps it will bring a little joy.

What are the prizes?

1) My kids’ book God’s Very Good Idea: I’m grateful for how the Lord is using this little book. God has been faithful to answer my prayer that it would notbookcover only help children understand the gospel and the command to love others different from them but that parents, students, and teachers would be inspired and challenged too! I hope it might be shared with as many people as possible so I can’t wait to give it away! Five people will have a chance to win one copy of God’s Very Good Idea.

2) Two tickets to the Just Gospel conference: My friends over at The Front Porch are hosting their incredible conference called Just Gospel and this year’s theme is all about reconciliation. They have graciously offered two tickets to the conference! One person will win two tickets. You won’t want to miss this. Hope to see you there!

How to enter:

  • Post a picture or story that highlights hope or reconciliation to Instagram, Facebook, and/or Twitter using both of these hashtags: #GodsVeryGoodIdeagiveaway AND #ReconcileusOLord
  • Giveaway begins today (11/5) and ends Saturday, November 10 at midnight.
  • Please don’t forget the hashtags as it is the only way I’ll be able to enter you into the giveaway. Copy and paste them to make it easier: #GodsVeryGoodIdeagiveaway #ReconcileusOLord
  • Six people will win: 1 person will win two tickets to the Just Gospel ’19 and 5 people will win one copy of God’s Very Good Idea. You can post as many times as you’d like, as long as you use the hashtag, you will be entered.

Examples of pictures and stories:

I imagine some of you may have trouble envisioning what I mean and so I wanted to provide a few examples. These are pictures that have brought me a particular joy in the midst of what seems like hopelessness in the world. These are only examples. Please own it and share whatever you think represents hope and reconciliation.

Story example (best for Instagram or Facebook):

My husband and I are an interracial couple. We have the opportunity to display what the gospel achieved every single day (Eph 2). But we also experienced two broken engagements before we married. Our story is one of true redemption and grace. We were not Christians when we met. The Lord saved us after our broken engagements and then a few years later, we got back together. God reconciled us first to himself and then to one another. We have now been married for 15 years! #ReconcileUsOLord #GodsVeryGoodIdeagiveaway

A few picture examples:

Remember to make it your own! Share whatever you think is an example of hope and reconciliation. Looking forward to reading your stories and viewing your pictures. #ReconcileUsOLord #GodsVeryGoodIdeaGiveaway

Special thank you to Thabiti Anyabwile and the Front Porch:
Reconcile Us Twitter graphic
Pictures in gallery from left to right: Row 1) President Bush and First Lady Michelle Obama; A picture from God’s Very Good Idea; and Me and my two dear friends. Row 2) A story of how a Black pastor shared the gospel with and befriended an old KKK member; a picture by Anthony Cheatham; a picture from God’s Very Good Idea




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