There are two things that I love: reading and company. Rarely do I combine the two. Today I’m going to and I’m excited to invite you to join me and my friend, Kristie Anyabwile, as we read a book together!

Though I stumbleThe book:

We wanted to pick a book that would be intriguing but not overly theological to start. We wanted something that would prompt discussion but that we might consider a leisurely read. So, we are diving into fiction and reading Though I Stumble (A Promises of God Novel) by Kim Cash Tate

Check out the Amazon description of this fictional story below.

When: We will begin on Thursday, September 13 and read through October 18 (six weeks). We hope this will give you enough lead time to grab the book and begin the first week’s reading.

Week 1: Read Chapters 1-11

Week 2: Read Chapters 12-22

Week 3: Read Chapters 23-31

Week 4: Read Chapters 32-44

Week 5: Read Chapters 45-54

Week 6: Read Chapters 55-68

These are short chapters so don’t be overwhelmed by the number of chapters we read each week.

How: Join us in our Facebook reading group. Simply join the group. Each Thursday, Kristie or I will give a prompt to begin discussing the chapters that week. You will share your thoughts or questions via the comments section under the prompt.

What’s next: If this goes well, we will pick another book!

Go ahead and…

Buy the book: Though I Stumble (One hint: it’s free on kindle!)

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Here’s more about Though I Stumble from Amazon:

Four women, one weekend, and their lives will never be the same.

Stephanie London thought she’d heard from God when she moved to Hope Springs, N.C. But a tragedy in that small town left her soul desolate. Now her husband’s inattentiveness has pushed her over the edge. Bereft of hope, she travels home to St. Louis as a women’s ministry conference kicks off. Though less than enthused to attend, new friendships offer strength and light. But what happens when the weekend ends and real life begins again?

Treva Langston grieves still the loss of her husband of twenty-two years. Now, two years later, her heart is breaking again as her oldest daughter’s travails come to light. Traveling from DC to St. Louis for a women’s conference seems the last thing she should do, given the circumstances. But in St. Louis her path crosses with someone new—and her world turns upside down. Will it only lead to more heartbreak?

Jillian Mason can’t wait to attend the Living Word women’s conference. She’s done their Bible studies for years and expects God to show up in an amazing way. But the weekend delivers something unexpected—a discovery about her husband. As the state of her marriage hangs in the balance, Jillian is suddenly anxious about returning home.

Faith Langston has always been a girl after God’s heart. She loves Living Word studies and registered early for the conference. But at the end of her college sophomore year, she finds herself in circumstances she never imagined—with a heart that has strayed from God. She makes it to St. Louis nonetheless, with her boyfriend in tow—but how will she find her way back to God?

Four women in different seasons of life converge at a women’s conference—with a theme that charges them to run “in hot pursuit” for Christ. But how do they run when challenges seem insurmountable? And can they help one another navigate the difficult terrain?


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