In a little over a month, I’ll be turning the big 4-0. I do not dread the years to come. I absolutely feel older—both in body and mind. My body feels aches like never before while my mind seems to be sharper. Most importantly, I sense in unique ways the nearness of God. I imagine, as there have been every decade, that I will experience both joys and deep sorrows. God has been faithful—it is my song. I trust He will be faithful over these next years, too. I’m excited and grateful.

But today is less about reflecting and more about celebrating! And I’d love to invite you to join me.

In celebration of my 40th birthday, I’d like to invite you to my 40-Day Birthday Challenge. For 40 days beginning Saturday, July 28 and ending on September 7, we are going to complete various activities, random acts of kindness, spiritual disciplines, and goals.

You can choose what you do from my list of 40 things (below) and do or start one per day. A few of these things are meant to help us begin new habits as well, like daily Bible reading and prayer. I will be going straight down the list.

And because it’s a celebration and an online birthday party, I’d also like to give away prizes throughout the 40 days. In order to be entered to win, simply join my 40-Day Birthday Challenge Facebook group. Each week I’ll draw names from that group and announce the prizes.

Here is the 40-Day Birthday Challenge summed up:

  1. Join the 40-Day Birthday Challenge Facebook group to share stories, pictures, and win prizes:
  2. Commit to doing something (or everything) for 40 days
  3. It begins Saturday, July 28 and ends the day after my birthday, September 7
  4. You can join in any time! This is not a competition.

That’s it!

Here is the list of 40 things you and I will seek to accomplish over the next 40 days (notice some might be repeated, other things you can seek to do every day over the next 40)

40 Things

  1. Choose something to do for 40 days straight
  2. Pray for someone
  3. Fast from something
  4. Pay for someone’s meal
  5. Read the Bible (try for 40 days straight)
  6. Do a random act of kindness
  7. Write an encouraging note to someone
  8. Volunteer somewhere
  9. Take a meal to someone
  10. Leave a larger than normal tip for a server
  11. Memorize scripture
  12. Grab a friend or family to join you for one of the things on the list
  13. Start or do that thing you’ve put off
  14. Do something for your church
  15. Do something for a non-profit organization
  16. Spend the day undistracted from social media, devices or whatever tends to distract you.
  17. Write an encouraging note to someone
  18. Give someone a gift that you would love to have or tell someone something that you would love to be said to you (i.e. love neighbor as self)
  19. Tell as many people as possible who you love that you love them
  20. Fast from something
  21. Pray for someone you’ve been struggling with
  22. Spend the day undistracted from social media, devices, or whatever tends to distract you.
  23. Do something for your pastor and/or his family
  24. Invite someone over for lunch or dinner
  25. Help someone in need (i.e. someone you know or someone you come into contact with)
  26. Grab lunch with a relative or close friend
  27. Do something anonymous (gift, etc.)
  28. Visit an assisted living home
  29. Ask someone how you might serve him/her and then do it that week
  30. Pray for, cheer on, maybe even encourage that person you think is your enemy or rival
  31. Babysit for a family
  32. Take a Sabbath
  33. Do something for your neighbor(s)
  34. Thank someone who served during church (i.e. children’s ministry worker, worship team member, greeter, etc.)
  35. If you have a spouse, hide encouragement notes in places they’ll find it. If you are single surprise a friend similarly (on a windshield or send a surprise gift)
  36. Do something you enjoy—guilt free! Thank the Lord for it.
  37. Repeat the toughest thing on this list for you (Not financially toughest, rather toughest because it stretched you to get out of your comfort zone, etc.)
  38. Repeat the thing you enjoyed doing the most
  39. Make a list of prayers that you think are impossible—pray that list to the Lord
  40. Eat your favorite food with your favorite people. I’ll likely enjoy some ice cream with my favorite people (Thern, Weston, and Sydney)! Thanks for joining me!

Don’t forget to join the Facebook group for sharing and prizes! Join here:

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