The winter has been long and cold, but bustling with exciting, encouragement, and what I believe to be transformative activity. I wanted to get you an update on where I’ve been and hope that you’ll check out the links below. I’d also love prayer for two projects that I’m wrapping up.

MLK50 Conference

There’s much that I could write about this conference, which marked the fiftieth anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s assassination, and the work of the ERLC and TGC to put it on. I hope to do that soon. I am also praying about how I might help our online community (here and beyond) engage with the content. But for now, please take a minute to watch and listen to the sessions. You can find all of them here: MLK50 Conference Media.

Questions Kids Ask Podcast

I was invited to be a guest on a new podcast, hosted by Mary C. Wiley, that focuses on questions that kids ask. I love thinking through this topic. Raising two very inquisitive children has kept me on my toes from the moment my firstborn could speak. I hope you enjoy these episodes:

Why Should I Care for People Not Like Me?

Should I Be Excited About Good Things In My Life?

I will be on one last time this Monday, April 11. Feel free to check out her site:

Season 2: United? We Pray

Isaac Adams and I are at it again with a second season of the podcast United? We Pray. This season includes guests like John Perkins, Michael Emerson, Duke Kwon, and more.

Listen in at: Pray Pod


I am so excited to be finishing up two projects: a Bible study with Moody Publishers and a book that will be published by IVP. These projects are due within months of one another, which means that every ounce of writing time and attention must now be reserved for completing these projects. So I will be posting less original content here and reposting a few articles that have been on other websites or in magazines. For many of you, these articles may be completely new and I’m excited to post them here.

Focusing on these two projects also means I’m in need of prayer. Would you pray that the Lord would provide wisdom and energy to knock out this work that I love so much, to use it for his glory and the good of those who might read?

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to listen in and watch MLK 50. I can’t wait to read your thoughts.

With joy,



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