Let me start by saying, I know, I know, we haven’t even gotten to Thanksgiving yet. I do know! 🙂 But what I’m about to share with you takes a bit of preparation, and I’d like to give you a head start.

In 2010 my friend Emilee invited a few girlfriends to give an Advent basket to one of our mutual friends and her daughter. We were so excited to do this but had never heard of it. We continued the tradition for a few years, and today I thought I’d pass it along to you!

 What is an Advent basket?

Simply it’s a basket with 25 gifts to be opened throughout the Advent season (December 1-25).**

How we did our Advent Basket

There are probably hundreds of fun and unique ways to put together an Advent basket for someone. Since there were five of us doing our basket, we each gave her five gifts for the basket . The gifts included Scripture verses and small trinkets—nothing too elaborate and definitely not expensive. Then we numbered the presents 1 to 25 and placed them in a basket. We gave our friend her Advent basket right before December 1 and told her to open one of the gifts each day until Christmas.

It was fun to see surprise and joy on our friend’s face when she opened her basket. But the best part was knowing that every day she would have a sweet surprise, a Scripture verse, an encouraging note, and more—all pointing her to Christ and reminding her of the love of God, shown in his incarnation, his cross, and his kind gift of friendship.

Maybe this year you can grab four friends to make someone’s Advent a special memory for 2017.

Other Advent Gift-Giving Ideas:

Give to a charity for 25 days (small gifts of money or time).

Give your spouse small notes of encouragement and Scripture throughout the Advent season.

Find a family in need and give a gift a day in rotation (to each person or gifts for the whole family) for 25 days.

It’s not too late! But if this year it seems like too much, tuck this away for a sweet surprise to someone next year.

**Special Note about Advent: Traditionally the season of Advent is actually the time between the 4th Sunday before Christmas and December 25. This year Advent actually starts Dec 3–and the fourth Sunday of Advent is Christmas Eve. If you prefer a more traditional celebration, feel free to adjust the day you begin. Just keep in mind that you might need to vary the number of gifts in your basket to match the days in the season.

My dear friend, Amy, receiving her Advent basket.

My dear friend, Amy, receiving her Advent basket.


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