Books, parenting, and cycling. Those are some of my favorite things…and I’m not alone! Today, I’m incredibly excited to introduce my friend, Erik Wolgemuth, to you. You may have seen his writing at my site (here, here, here, here, and here), but today you have the chance to get to know him a little as I ask him questions about his life and work. And make sure to read to the very end to hear about a special treat and Q&A he’ll be doing with you, my readers.

Q: I’ve had the joy of working with you for five years now. Tell us what exactly is a literary agent and why you enjoy your work.

Wolgemuth: As a literary agent, I have the privilege of walking alongside authors in the publishing process. Most often that process starts early on as an idea is formed and it continues until (and even after) a book releases. As an agent, I advocate for my authors and also seek to bring value to our publishing partners as well.

And, quite simply, I love books! So it’s a thrill to be in this industry and to play a part in the publishing process. Additionally, I love how God uniquely uses books to change lives and to reach people that authors would never have a chance to engage with on their own.

I receive questions from writers probably every week about how to get started writing and specifically writing a book. I have a pretty standard answer: write. What might you say?

I’d tell them to listen to you! But seriously, that’s a great answer…writing is hard. It takes discipline and so the more you write, the better the quality of your writing. Reading is important as well. When you read a lot of different content, you start to be able to discern what good writing looks like. I also think patience is important – waiting for the right idea, giving that idea time to grow and develop, establishing a way to engage with readers, and working at the craft of writing.

IMG_1875Over the past few years you’ve stepped out from behind reading contracts for other writers to actually writing yourself. You and your family started a website called dadcraft. Could you tell us about the heart behind this site?

We (my brother, Andrew, and my brother-in-law, Chris) started dadcraft out of a need and a desire that we all felt to be more intentional, better fathers to our kids. When we’d get together at family gatherings, we’d always be trading ideas and suggestions for things we were doing with our kids, and we thought it’d be fun and helpful to share some of those ideas with other dads. We also pulled in our dad, Dan, so that he could provide some reflective perspective on fathering as well.


In conjunction with writing for dadcraft, you are also an avid cyclist.  How long have you been cycling?

I’ve been focused on riding for about the past eight years. I did a little bit of riding before then, but we moved out to Colorado at the end of 2008 and that’s when I really got into the sport. The cycling community in Colorado was part of the draw for me into the sport and I was also coming off of a stress fracture in my foot from running, so I was looking for some different ways to exercise. I started cycling more at that time and got hooked.

Why is cycling so refreshing to you?

There are a number of reasons why I love cycling – being outdoors, the quiet and solitude of the activity (when I’m riding solo), being able to exercise with others, and the difficulty/challenge of it. Cycling is absolutely about your fitness level but there’s so much about the sport that’s mental as well. How hard can you push yourself? How far can you go? How deep can you resolve your mind to keep going? I love the willpower demand of cycling.

You recently accomplished something pretty tremendous. Since I know you won’t brag on yourself, you rode up a mountain to over 14,000 feet. Amazing! What was that like?Erik at 14,000

Thanks! That race was a unique mix of being awesome and terrible at the same time! I love climbing in cycling, so safe to say that I got plenty of time to enjoy that on this ride! The length of the climb coupled with the thinner oxygen at that altitude was incredibly hard and challenging. I had never ridden at that high of an altitude before and I definitely felt it. The feeling of hitting the finish line at the summit was amazing, and then to (finally) be able to soak in the views at the top of the mountain was an added bonus.

You have spent 12 years encouraging and supporting writers, as you still do. What are some of your hopes for those who will read your work in the future?

More than anything, I pray that what I write would glorify God. So I hope that those who would read what I’d write would be encouraged and challenged in their faith, and be drawn closer to the Father. I would also hope that readers would find confidence in the truths of God and rest in his grace and mercy towards us.

And here’s something super kind and special he’s doing for you, my readers. Erik, as you’ve read, is a literary agent. I receive emails pretty consistently with questions regarding writing, publishing, platform, and the like. And so, today and tomorrow he will be here on the site and at my Facebook page answering your questions. Ask him anything and he’ll do his best to answer today and tomorrow. Thank you so much, Erik!


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