How can I adequately thank people for allowing my words into their homes and Children’s Ministries? I still can’t figure out how to fully do it. But regardless, here’s a heartfelt attempt: Thank you!

With every picture of a mom reading to her child, a dad pointing out the pictures to his son, a friend with a group of children, a homeschooling parent teaching a morning lesson, a Sunday school class drawing pictures from it, and even a college gal who read God’s Very Good Idea to her roommates…each and every example is an answer to my prayer that God might use this book despite of me and in ways I couldn’t even imagine. So, thank you for sharing your homes and classrooms with me. Thank you for engaging with family, friends, and neighbors. Every day I’ve prayed for the kids who will encounter these pages. And I’ve also prayed for wisdom and joy as us big kids explain what the concepts in the book mean to little minds. Thank you for celebrating God’s very good idea to create many different people for His glory and our collective good.

Want to help spread the word?

If you’ve enjoyed God’s Very Good Idea and would like others to know about it, here are a few things you can do (and I’d be so honored if you’d share!!):

  1. Share on social media. Here’s a sample tweet and/or facebook post:

God’s Very Good Idea, a new children’s book by @trillianewbell is out now!

  1. Write a review. If you’ve read God’s Very Good Idea, I’d love it if you wrote a short review. Reviewscan be found posted on the following retailer sites:
  1. Word of mouth. Share with friends and family via Instagram, word of mouth, or whatever means suits you.

Now, if you’re reading this and thinking: Wait, did Trillia write a kids’ book? No worries, you aren’t late to the party. You can learn more about the book here: and

To sum it all up: Thank you for your incredible support, encouragement, and the answer to prayer for how this book is being used. I’d be so grateful for your help in spreading the word, writing a review, and praying for the Lord to continue to use God’s Very Good Idea!

With great joy and gratefulness,





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