A few weeks ago, I mentioned a new series centered around questions that I’ll be launching on the site. I’m excited about the series. I think it will be an interesting time of reflection and answering everyday questions. But in the midst of moving and travel, I’m going to have to postpone that little series.


We aren’t moving far, only about 10 minutes from our current location. Nevertheless, moving is taking up the little bit of time and attention I had in my margins of life besides breathing. I kid! But seriously, moving is incredibly time consuming and so, please forgive my absence here on the site for most of May while I sort out boxes and toss all the things that we didn’t know we had! I will post updates from time to time and maybe even do a giveaway! But there will be a lack of consistency so if you haven’t already, please sign up for my blog updates or you can watch for posts via facebook.


If you weren’t already aware, most of our family lives in England. My husband’s mother, my dear mother-in law whom we affectionately call Mum, was born and raised in England. Thern, my husband, was only months away from being born there. Well, we are all taking a trip to England in a few short weeks to visit family and allow our kids the chance to meet all their cousins they’ve never met or seen before. It should be a good time and another reason I will be a bit MIA here.

While I’m in England, I will have the chance to visit with The Good Book Company, the publisher of my new kids’ book God’s Very Good Idea, which releases in September. If you are interested, you may pre-order it here.

If you think of me, I’d love prayers for these exciting and somewhat major life events.

And although I am unable to answer every email or respond on every comment, I do read them all and would love to be praying for you over this month. If you have a prayer request, fill free to comment or send it to me.

With joy,


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