My kids are on spring break this week, which means my time and attention have been occupied by laughter, silliness, and breaking up fights. It’s been good to have them home. And it’s been good for me to be home and enjoy an extended time of rest and play (I even got a fake nose ring!). This time has also caused me to be less aware of what is going on in the media, social media, well, any media! I can’t keep up with it all and keep up with my kids too. What I’ve also seen in my heart is increased joy and peace. I don’t think these two things (my lack of attention to various media and my increase in joy) are disconnected.

I’ve spent the past few years trying to stay up on current events, which has involved me keeping up with the news media as well as social media. I do believe that awareness of what’s happening in the world is necessary and good in order for me to do the work that I do effectively and also so that I might love my neighbor well. But this week confirmed what I’ve been thinking for some time, it’s time for a bit of a change.

I won’t go into detail about how that change will look. But I do know that I’ve had a bit of information overload during the past few years. I imagine I’m not alone in this. There’s been much to keep up with. But my soul longs for a bit of quiet. I can’t and shouldn’t be completely unaware, but I confess that I think I’ve made knowing what’s going on around me an idol. And honestly, all of the headlines are beginning to sound the exact same to me (this is not a shot at the media).

It’s been a refreshing week. I dare not give you rules for media engagement, but if you’ve found yourself weary and, like me, also see that you take in much of the news day in and day out, perhaps a little break would do your heart good too.

More updates

I have quite a bit of travel and speaking planned over the next few months, along with writing projects that I’m thrilled to share about in the near future. I plan to get back to regular blogging shortly as well as finishing up my Enjoy guest post series. But if it’s a bit quieter around here, know that it’s likely because I’m writing longer works that I pray will serve you well.

Grateful you’d invest a moment or two here each week. It’s a joy to write and hear from you!



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