It isn’t a secret, 2016 was a discouraging year for many. It brought to light the deep divisions that exist in our culture—politically, racially, and socially. But the difficulty of the year wasn’t in the abstract or impersonal. There are a number of my friends who are trying to pick up the pieces of a shattered and broken year. And the ups and downs of our individual circumstances can also tempt us to discouragement, complaining, and division.

Is it truly possible to be sorrowful, yet always rejoicing? Can we really be thankful in all circumstances? And, finally, can this year be markedly different than last?

I believe, by the power and grace of God, our answers to these questions can be yes. My hope and prayer is that over this next year you and I will learn the art of contentment and joy in the Lord. That’s why I’d like to invite you to practically put your faith into action with Enjoy2017.

Enjoy2017 is an invitation to look beyond these circumstances and, instead, look to the Giver of the good gifts we enjoy every day with gratitude and joy together.

I personally want to invite you to join me for Enjoy2017—a free, 6-week, live-it-out devotional, delivered right to your inbox. Beginning January 9th, you will be encouraged and challenged as you grow in your enjoyment of the people God has put into your life, the work he has given you to do, the rest he offers you, the resources he’s entrusted to you, and ultimately our good Giver himself.

Enjoy2017 is designed to be lived out both on and offline—it’s a challenge for you to implement what you’re learning in your life, and to invite others to join in this journey with you. My hope and prayer is that our six weeks together is just the beginning of a lifestyle of enjoyment that endures beyond 2017.

Here are several ways you can participate:

  • Subscribe to a free 6-week email-devotional. You will receive a short devotional every Monday for six weeks, including three questions and suggestions for how you can put your faith into action. Please note: If you are a part of my main mailing list, you still must sign up for this separate email list to receive the devotionals and updates.
  • Do the action items. My heart is for you to not only learn about enjoying God and all he’s given you, but to actively enjoy God and his gifts each and every day.
  • Ask a friend, a group of friends, or your small group to join you. We’re better together! It will be fun to discuss, share, and live out not only what God is doing in your life, but also in the lives of those you love.
  • Consider creatively sharing what God is doing in your life through this project online. Share a phrase, a story, Scripture, a picture, or a quote from the devotional. Tag it with #Enjoy2017 on facebook, twitter, or instagram so we can be encouraged by one another on this journey together.
  • Tell others about #Enjoy2017! Below you will find shareable quotes and images. Feel free to use these on any of your social media accounts to help get the word out.

I look forward to spending these six weeks with you. Don’t settle for enjoying 2017 in theory, let’s live it out.

Remember to head on over to the Enjoy2017 page and sign up!

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